Course Description

The collaborative online model of education allows students to have an international experience and expand the walls of the traditional classroom. As partnering educators we are fostering a bridge of cultures from different disciplines between Digital Photography and Web Design. A shared content driven assignment will be developed that embraces tangible discipline skills, artifacts and reflective assessment with topics relevant to both classes. We will oversee student’s behavior using democratic concepts that encourage students to take ownership of the projects and take advantage of positive peer interaction

This course presents the fundamentals of digital photography using cameras, emphasizing on the making of images and the interpretation of their character in terms of subject and form, and the post-production work needed to bring images to an audience electronically. It also introduces the web design core concepts and the process for setting-up and managing a Multicultural Digital Journal Web Site.

Critical thinking skills will be overtly nurtured and emphasized in this course. Photography classes introduce students how to use many visual tools to convey content and meaning using composition, foreground/background relationship, color schemes, values, shades, contrast and the use of “Qualities of Light”. The Web Design class will teach students from the fundamentals of building a static web page including colors, images, text and page formatting using high-level authoring tools. They also show the learner how to approach many problem-solving challenges such as time management, delayed gratification, workflow, teamwork and achieving long-term goals.